We invest in our clients by sharing market intelligence, experience and relationships.


Has a buyer, competitor or private equity group approached you about selling your healthcare business? Are you wondering if this is the right time to sell? Selling a business can be an emotional decision. For most healthcare business owners and executives, it is the most important business decisions they will ever make.

Wyatt Matas has been in your shoes. We have been entrepreneurs, growing a business and asking whether now is the time to exit or not. We have had shareholders and employees to answer to. We know the weight on the shoulders of executives when it comes time to make these big decisions.

If you are considering selling your business or just want to talk through when might be the right time, Wyatt Matas is designed to support you through strategic crossroads, give you insightful market intelligence and data, and provide you with a foundation of fact to make sound decisions.

Our ability to manage healthcare merger and acquisition transactions is only exceeded by our desire to exceed your expectations.


Wyatt Matas provides clearly defined advisory engagements to business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate boards seeking ways to build value through improved decision making. We go beyond financial performance to evaluate market opportunity, competitive position and opportunities for incremental growth in business value.

Our strategic advisory services include:


Wyatt Matas conducts strategic business assessments to evaluate performance and identify opportunities for value creation. [Link to article]. The objective of the assessments is to present actionable recommendations that incrementally increase value over an 18 to 24-month period.

Because healthcare is unique, we have designed our business assessments specific to the segments of healthcare we serve:

  • Healthcare technology and the vendors that serve healthcare service providers. In these business assessments, we review and make recommendations on 8 areas for value creation.
  • Healthcare service providers. We have further delineated our business assessments to individual segments of providers. We typically review and make recommendations on 10 areas for value creation.


Depending on the stage of the company, we provide a monthly retainer service that guides the company through the value creation process. Some owners use this as a long-term growth tool and other use it for the purposes of exit-strategy planning.


Since healthcare reform, we have spoken to dozens of boards of directors and healthcare executive teams on the trends in healthcare. Many healthcare companies use these presentations to keep their boards and executives informed, to kick off strategic planning sessions or gain insights into how value-based care is changing the competitive landscape in healthcare.


Wyatt Matas provides independent valuation guidance to healthcare organizations for the purpose of helping clients understand the market’s perception of the value of their organization, business planning and dispute resolutions.

Most of our clients prefer our Benchmark Valuations, which they use as a tool for strategic planning. Wyatt Matas’ clients like to have a clear understanding of their current value, what market and company-specific value drivers influence their value, and then focus their growth and operational initiatives on improving those drivers. Our clients find this to be one of the their most valuable and insightful strategic planning tools.


Sometimes who you know matters. Access to the right people when you need them can accelerate a growth initiative overnight. How to access healthcare executives at the right level of an organization requires relentless relationship building. These relationships don’t happen overnight. It’s way our clients call on us to access our relationships.

Because we’ve been working exclusively at the highest level of healthcare for almost 20 years, we’ve built close relationships with key players, large and small, around the country. We make strategic introductions on behalf of our clients to help them achieve their growth initiatives faster.


To reach their goals, our clients often need an infusion of capital at some point in their growth. Accessing the right investors and communicating an effective message is not always easy unless you know how the investors think. We’ve been on both sides of the table as the entrepreneur and the investor. This gives us a unique perspective. We have built a network of healthcare-knowledgeable capital-providers, including a large number strategic investors, and guide our clients through the complex negotiations around raising capital.