Delineation of Home Care

In 2010, Chip Measells wrote a compelling white paper on the impending bifurcation of the homecare industry, based on the adoption of technology.  While some providers were on track to stagnate or lose market share, the providers who adopted technology to support patient care or to generate databases of patient care data were set to excel.

In today’s value-based care environment, the lesson on the crucial role of technology is even more appropriate for all post-acute care providers.

Read Delineation of Home Healthcare to understand:

  • The opportunity for home healthcare to become the center of chronic care disease management
  • A particular business model that some more advanced companies are implementing.
  • The delineation of those agencies that are moving towards becoming chronic care disease management companies and those that are being left behind to chase lower margin business.
  • Several action steps the industry must consider to move home healthcare up the continuum of care ladder.

Delineation of Home Healthcare