Care Cycle Management in Home Healthcare

Based on our research and experience, Wyatt Matas & Associates has identified an emerging opportunity for care providers focused on serving severely chronically ill patients. We have named this new industry Care Cycle Management, which is defined as coordinating care and managing all of a patient’s care throughout the disease process. The industry is not constrained by episodic care or the siloed care that results from fee-for-service, but manages the patient as long as there is a potential for an exacerbation of their illness. In turn, Care Cycle Management companies improve the quality of life of their patients and lowers the overall cost of care. Because of their effectiveness managing patient’s total cost or care, Care Cycle Management companies are willing to go “at-risk” with payor sources and share in the savings they produce on behalf of the payor, which aligns the interest of the patient, care providers and payor sources.

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Our firm has committed resources to assisting in the development of the Care Cycle Management Industry. Wyatt Matas & Associates current focus is to:

  • Identify companies poised to become Care Cycle Management Companies
  • Facilitate the capital to elevate the industry of Care Cycle Management
  • Gather the intellectuals that can promote the concept of Care Cycle Management

    Wyatt Matas & Associates believes that the combination of interventional care coordination and care delivery on a at-risk basis can change the dynamics of our healthcare system.